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    RI SHRM Monthly Meeting - Building Resilience to Handle Everyday Stress

    Date: September 13, 2017, 7:30am – 9:30am
    Hosted at New England Tech
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    Building Resilience to Handle Everyday Stress

    Perhaps it’s fair to admit that we often race full tilt through our days, and so do our fellow employees. There seems to be an uptick in the pace of our culture and the pressures we face in everyday life. We also know that this can quickly lead to increases in stress at levels that aren’t exactly good for us. But there are some other trends emerging that are addressing our increased stress levels. As Time magazine puts it, for one thing, we are moving into a “Mindful Revolution.” 

    Growing up I told my mom not to say the “M” word in front of my friends. It was way too embarrassing that she was into something as weird as meditation! Now the benefits of meditation and other mindfulness practices are being capitalized upon by CEOs, not to mention being used to transform whole school systems. Individuals, as well as organizations, are now exploring these methods to reduce stress and gain more peace of mind.  And mindfulness is just one among many ways we can proactively work towards calmer, happier moments every day.

    During this workshop we’ll talk a little bit about how stress affects us. Then we’ll share tips to help reduce our stress, as well as pass onto our employees, using mindfulness practices, positive psychology and other strategies. The aim for this session is for it to be collaborative, engaging and practical. We want to leave you with fresh ideas to help you feel at your best today as well as build resilience for the future.

    Facilitator: Sabrina Woods is a Holistic Career / Life Coach & Linkedin Trainer, with 15 years of prior experience in Career Development at Northeastern University. Sabrina has an MA in Holistic Counseling and BS in Business. In her private practice, she uses holistic principles and practices while working with individuals who are going through mid-career transitions and life changes.  In her consulting work, Sabrina runs workshops and trainings at universities such as Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Johnson & Wales, and RISD on topics ranging from Linkedin to Integrating Mindfulness to Stocking Your Career Tool Kit. For more information about Sabrina, you can go to:

    This program has been submitted for HRIC and SHRM credits.